Little Hands Connected
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
Little Hands Connected™

About us

Little Hands Connected™ was inspired by our desire to teach our children, Ollie, then age 7, and Abby, then age 4, about the importance of helping others! We had talked a long time about helping others, and how it would be nice to do something in our community to make a difference.  Time always seemed to get in the way, but in the summer of 2012, we stopped talking, and started DOing! We planned our first food drive and carried it out to the end.  Ollie wrote the letter, and our family worked as a team to deliver the letters, pick up the food, load up the car, and deliver our collection to our local food pantry.  After Ollie and Abby unloaded the groceries at the food pantry, they were invited to tour the facility to see how this local organization managed to help feed those in need week after week.  What an eye opening lesson it was!  As we were leaving, Ollie and Abby saw a line of people at the side of the building and innocently asked, "Mommy, what are they all waiting for?" I responded, "They are waiting to eat the food you helped to collect." 

Mission Statement

The Mission of Little Hands Connected is to introduce children to the idea of community and helping others, while giving parents the tools and support they need to make this experience a success for their children.

"If everyone does a little, as a team, we can do a lot!"