Little Hands Connected
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
Little Hands Connected™



                             "If everyone does a little, as a team, we can do A LOT!"  


1. Choose your Food Drive Mission - Help your child pick from the mission ideas below (Street Collection or Drop Box Collection), or come up with your own fun, creative idea! 

2. Email us at and tell us your child's name, age, chosen Food Drive Mission!

3. Get Started... Help your child create their letter or decorate food drive boxes!  

4. Get busy delivering letters or dropping off drop boxes!  Take Pictures of your child in action working on their chosen mission.

5. Once your Mission is complete, email to let us know you have completed your mission!  Don't forget to email us your pictures!!!


1. STREET COLLECTION - A street collection is always a great way to collect donations, and you don't just have to do the street you live on!  If you have recently done a street collection, consider picking a different street to reach out to.  Maybe there is a street that a friend lives on, or maybe there is a Grandparent who doesn't live too far away!  Wouldn't Grandma or Grandpa be excited to find a letter from you saying that you are doing a food drive on their street to help others!  To get started on this mission, click on the Little Hands Connected "HOW CAN I GET CONNECTED" link.  Apply those steps to your Food Drive Mission! 

2. DROP BOX COLLECTION - A Drop box collection is another fun way to get involved and help others!  This is a great activity for any age! 


Drop Box Collection Steps!


A. Help your child create a letter to attach to the box or boxes.  See the "Ollie's Letter" link for ideas and remember to include where the food will be donated. Local Little Hands Connected team members will be collecting donations to benefit The Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair.  

B. Get a big box and have fun decorating it!  Have your child draw pictures of different foods!  Have them paste or tape those pictures to the collection boxes. On a large piece poster board, write FOOD DRIVE! Let your child write it if they can!  Attach the letter! 


C. Ask local places that you visit if you can leave a collection box there. Consider choosing a place where your child takes classes and people visit regularly - dance studio, karate, gym class, etc...

3. FRIENDS & FAMILY TELETHON - When Ollie was 8 and raising money for the "Jump Rope for heart" fundraiser, he did a Friends & Family Telethon!  We wrote a "script" together explaining what he was doing, who he was helping, and how that friend or family member could help his mission be a success.  Having a script to follow helped Ollie to remember all of the important information he wanted to share.  Ollie was collecting money to donate to Jump Rope for Heart.  You will be collecting money to donate non perishable Thanksgiving foods to your local food pantry to help those in need in your community.

Friends & Family Telethon Steps!

A. Create a script -  Include your Mission, who you are helping, & how your friend or family member can support you ($5 or $10 donation, or whatever they would like to give)
B. Take all of the monetary donations collected and create a shopping list using your budget.  Don't forget to use coupons to make your dollars stretch further!  Go to the store and purchase non-perishable Thanksgiving donations to donate to your local food pantry.

C. Deliver your donations!



 Important Parent reminder... 

*Feel free to do as much or as little as you like.  Follow our mission from start to finish, use part of it as a guide, or come up with your own creative plan.  It is important to remember to pick something that works for your child and your family.  Every act of kindness big or small, will benefit someone else, while creating an awareness and genuine sense of appreciation in your own children. The most important thing is to keep this light and fun so your children will want to help others again and again! *