Little Hands Connected
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
Little Hands Connected™

How Can I Get Connected?

After our food drive, many friends asked how we organized and did it!  This overwhelming interest got me thinking...
So many parents want to help their children get involved in the community and do a fun family project to help others, but they just don't have the time to organize it.  Little Hands Connected™ has done that part for you! 
Follow these simple steps to have a fun and successful food drive in your neighborhood, or apply these same principals to a different charitable cause.

1.Find an organization you want to help
Find an organization in your neighborhood that is collecting!  If you need help, email us and we will help you find one!
You can do a food drive, coat drive, toy drive etc... the possibilities are endless! Pick a cause that has a location where you can drop off the things you have collected.  Consider choosing a place that might be willing to give you a little tour so your child can see how they are helping to make a difference in their community!

2. Choose to get connected
Explain to you child that you have been thinking about all of those less fortunate than yourselves and that you thought it might be nice to try to help those people! Let this experience be something your child CHOOSES, and not something you are forcing them to do.  This will result in a fun and powerful experience that fills them with pride!

3. Email us!
Email us with your child at and give us your child's name, age, their mission, and their expected completion date!  We will add them to our list of "LOOK WHO'S CONNECTED,"  and we will email them back personally, to encourage their efforts and cheer them on!

4. Prepare Letter
Help your child to write a letter to the people you are reaching out to explaining their mission and who they are trying to help.  See "Ollie's letter" for ideas.  If your child can't write the letter, write it on his/her behalf (ex: My Mom/Dad is helping me write this letter to you because I am only 4, but I am on a mission to help the hungry this Thanksgiving!) and let them sign their name!  In the letter include what day your neighbors should leave their donations outside their front door (that makes the pick up much easier!).

5. Attach letter to grocery bags
Help your child attach the letters to grocery bags.  (We punched holes through the top of the bag and attached rubber bands so we could hang them on everyone's door knobs! see Abby's tutorial below on attaching rubber bands!)

6. Drop off bags
Help your child go house to house dropping off the grocery bags!  Tell them how proud you are and remind them of what a wonderful thing they are doing!!!  Take photos!

7. Pick up bags
On the day you promised, walk door to door and collect the bags of donations.  Bring your wagon or borrow a wagon from a friend so you have a way to collect and pull them home!  Take photos!

8. Deliver Donations, Email us your pictures, and FEEL PROUD!
Drop off your donations! Celebrate your child's efforts and success!  Send your photos to and we will mark your child's completion date on our "LOOK WHO'S CONNECTED" list to show how the giving keeps growing!  Then, your child will be sent a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, and a "YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE" ribbon, Congratulating them and thanking them for a job Well Done!!!  After their fourth mission, they will receive a GREAT JOB medal, congratulating them on their continuous involvement in their community helping others!

*Troops and groups... LHC is happy to provide certificates, ribbons and/or LHC pins, however, due to the amount of participants we can not provide to large groups at no cost at this time. Let us know what you would like to give to your troop and we will order and deliver to you at the same cost that we are charged, nothing more.*