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"Where little hands do BIG things!"
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
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Looms of Love


Do you love to Rainbow Loom???... 
Here's a Little Hands Connected idea for how you can have fun while helping others!

Did you know that The United States and The Philippines both share the Flag colors of Red, White and Blue? They do, and Little Hands Connected has come up with a way for you to raise awareness for the need of assistance in The Philippines and show your support to the children & their families through our "Looms of Love" mission.  Follow these simple steps...  

  1. Make 2 friendship bracelets in the colors of Red, White and Blue (you choose the design)
Wear one of the bracelets to raise awareness that the children and families in the Philippines need our help 
Next, cut a small piece of construction paper in to the shape of a heart and write an XO on it, or little note to a child in the Philippines to let them know you are thinking of them.
  4. Attach the heart to the second friendship bracelet by poking a hole in the top corner of the heart, feeding a piece of ribbon through it, and tying it in a bow.

  5. Email info@littlehandsconnected and let us know that you have created a "Looms of Love" bracelet to donate to a child in the Philippines and we will connect with you.  Once we have enough bracelets to fill a box, they will be shipped!

                       This is a wonderful way for children to raise awareness and show
                                     their support while doing something they love!
                                   Above: Nicky's "Looms of Love" bracelets!
                                                     Great Job Nicky!