Little Hands Connected
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
Little Hands Connected™


We turned to you for help with our Typhoon Relief Mission...
here's how your "little hands" did BIG things

On November 8th, 2013, a Typhoon pounded through the Philippines and forever changed the lives of millions.  With surging waves reaching heights of 45 feet, and winds over 235 mph, the super Typhoon tore through the Philippines flattening areas, taking lives, and leaving millions of people suffering in it's aftermath.  This unimaginable and devastating storm left us asking... how can I help the people of the Philippines heal their hearts and rebuild their lives?  Here's how YOUR hands (little and big) made a difference...

*YOU created collection Drop Boxes that were left at local schools to collect needed donations! Thank you Alex, Jordan, Ollie & Abby


*YOU joined us for our "Fill a Bag" Mission and went shopping for needed donations! Great job Jackson & Charlie!

*YOU reached out to your friends and neighbors and did a "Neighborhood Collection!" Nice work Hunter & Chase!

*YOU joined us for "Looms of Love" and made friendship bracelets to raise awareness (CLICK HERE)
Thank you to Troops 20078, 94951, and 4592!


*YOU joined hands with your local schools for our "Flip Flops for the Philippines" week! Over 400 pairs of flip flops were donated to protect the feet of the people in the Philippines. Thank you to all of the schools of Glen Ridge for participating!  This was an amazing team effort which included participation from Linden Avenue School, Forest Avenue School, Ridgewood Avenue School & the Glen Ridge High School.

*YOU teamed up with all of the U9 Soccer teams in your town to do an "End of Season" collection! Thank you to the boys and girls GR U9 Soccer teams!

*TOGETHER, WE collected 62 boxes of needed donations filled with healthy snacks, shoes, diapers, wipes, toys, clothing, batteries, toiletries, and more.

"If everyone does a little, as a team, we can do A LOT!"
This TYPHOON RELIEF Mission effort would not have been possible without
the help of all of your hands... little and big!

Special Thanks...

To my good friend, Allyson, for being such a great supporter and for teaming up with Little Hands Connected on this very important mission! Thank you, Ali, for everything that you did to make this mission possible ... you collected, stored, sorted, boxed and delivered (in the freezing cold!) - I couldn't have done this mission without you! Thank you!!!

To Daniela & her family, for orchestrating a wonderful relief effort which provided Little Hands Connected a way to ship our donations directly to the Red Cross in the Philippines for free through Cargo Shipping Company.

To all of our NEW Little Hands Connected members for joining our team!

To all of our seasoned Little Hands Connected members for continuing to make a difference in the world, one mission at a time... I am so proud of all of you!