Little Hands Connected
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
"Where little hands do BIG things!"
Little Hands Connected™


Mission Success Stories...

Typhoon Mission Teamwork

Little Hands Connected scored a winning goal when players from the U9 boys and U9 girls Glen Ridge Soccer teams joined our Typhoon Relief effort.  Players from all 4 teams participated by bringing donations to their end of season celebration.  Teamwork = WIN WIN!

Toni's Kitchen Mission

Little Hands Connected called on the help of members of Troop 20064 for a mission to help collect & deliver food to a local soup kitchen.  They then had a tour and volunteered their time by stocking the shelves of Toni's Kitchen with their donations.  For the full story, CLICK HERE!

Sandy Castle Mission: Second Edition

Little Hands Connected members participated in the "Sandy Castle" and the "Sandy Castle - Second Edition" Hurricane relief effort at Jenkinson's Beach in Pt. Pleasant, NJ.  For the full story of this amazing team effort,

Children's Hospital Mission

Little Hands Connected members, including members from Girl Scout Troops 20203 and 22854 got busy with this very special mission where toys are a prescription for recovery!  Members wrote letters and attached them to bags in an effort to collect new games and toys to support The Children's Hospital of New Jersey, and their Child Life Program.  The toys and games donated to the hospital are a very important part of the children's stay and recovery at the hospital.  Through the efforts of our "Little Hands," more than 60 bags of donations were collected, sorted, repacked and then delivered to the hospital.  Thank you to everyone who participated! YOU made a difference!!!

Toni's Kitchen Special Mission

Little Hands Connected members created beautiful art to decorate Toni's Soup Kitchen for Spring and Summer! The "Flower Power" special mission was made a success with the help of various LHC members and future members through their powerful uplifting pictures of flowers, sunshine, rainbows, and hearts! Thank you to everyone who participated in this very special mission, your heartfelt pictures are bringing smiles to the faces of those in need. 

Sandy Castle Mission

On Mother's Day, Little Hands Connected members volunteered to be part of the "SANDY CASTLE 2013" project to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.  Our team of 17, including members and their parents, helped to build the worlds largest sandcastle which will be sculpted by Guinness Book of World Records holder, Ed Jarrett, this summer!

Over the course of several weeks, it is estimated that 5,000 volunteers and organizations will have helped with this project, and one hundred percent of the money raised from viewings of the finished sandcastle, will be donated to Hometown Heroes for distribution to those still in need of relief from Hurricane Sandy. 

Ollie -8, Abby-5, Sophie-6, and Blake-3, teamed up with NEW MEMBERS Ava-6, Emma-6, Julia-3, Aidan-10, and Ava-5 to do BIG things to help with the Sandy Castle project! They grabbed shovels, filled & carried heavy buckets, and worked as a team! After we finished our mission, we had a picnic on the beach, played in the sand, and visited the board walk!  All the moms agreed that it was the best Mother's Day ever!  We all had so much fun, and we helped others in the process!
Win! Win!
Animal Shelter Mission

Little Hands Connected member, Ava-8, joined us for a mission idea of her own! She shared with us that she believed it was important to include our "furry friends" when we are helping others, so LHC got busy helping her to make her mission idea a reality!  Ava followed our "How Can I Get Connected?" steps, and applied them to her Animal Shelter Mission.  Then, Ava and LHC members Alex-8, Jordan-10, Ollie-8, and Abby-5, worked as a team to deliver the many donations collected to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.  After unloading the donations, they volunteered by visiting with the animals to give them needed love and attention.  Great Job Team!

Toni's Kitchen: Food Drive & Tour
Little Hands Connected members created Collection Drop Boxes, did Street Food Drives, delivered donations, toured Toni's Kitchen, volunteered and stocked their shelves! Click here to celebrate how we worked as a team to make this mission a success!

Toni's Kitchen Decorating Committee

For Valentine's Day, Little Hands Connected decorated the dining room at Toni's Kitchen with posters and decorations made by our members!  Thank you to all of our members who participated and to Mrs. Nisenson's Pre-K class! Your "Heart Art" pictures warmed hearts and brought smiles to the faces of those in need!

Book Drive

Little Hands Connected Members had an AMAZING JANUARY!!!  As a TEAM, our LHC members collected and delivered 2 trucks filled with gently USED book donatons, raised $4,318.35 in NEW book donations, and provided a place where connections were made that further generated book donations to help Restore Our Shore!  Not only did a school in Pennsylvania connect with us to see where they could donate their Book Drive donations, but an entire school in South Jersey was restocked with books through the generous donation of a Military School in Germany that was closing down.  This school saw a LHC mom's facebook post on a local community page which was advertising our Reuse, Recycle, Restore Our Shore Sale and reached out for direction!
Our January success was another amazing example of "If everyone does a little, as a team, we can do A LOT!" 
This was a BIG mission including a USED BOOK DRIVE, and a NEW BOOK DRIVE, which included a BOOK SIGNING PAJAMA PARTY featuring famous children's author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt!  Our mission was to help put books back on the shelves of the Shore School Libraries whose books were damaged or destroyed as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Through fun, creative mission ideas and a lot of teamwork, here's how our team made it happen...

USED Book Drive:
We started off the month with a Used Book Drive.  Little Hands Connected members worked in teams of 2 to hold "street book drives" with a goal to collect gently used books to donate to the Reading Council of Southern New Jersey.  The RCSNJ would then distribute those books to the Schools in South Jersey who had applied for help and are in the greatest need for assistance.  Claire-8, Jamie-11, Jackson-7, Charlie-5, Jordan-10, Alex-7, Ollie-8 and Abby-5 (featured below) followed our "How Can I Get Connected" plan and applied those steps to their Book Drive Missions!  Together, these SUPERSTARS generated 2 suv's filled with books! Those books were driven an hour South, and given to another volunteer who drove an hour North to meet us half way to collect them for the Shore Schools!  Great Job team!!!

NEW Book Drive:
Our next mission effort was to help generate free NEW books for the Shore Schools through fundraising and supporting the "Restore Our Shore" program.  Little Hands Connected Mom & Usborne Books representative, Alicia Harrison, told LHC about a program called "Restore Our Shore," and asked if we thought there was anything we could do to help.

The "Restore Our Shore" program was designed to generate free books for the Shore Schools through the teaming up of the RCSNJ, Usborne Books, and children's Author/Illustrator, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.  Usborne Books agreed to donate a book for every book sold in the month of January, and Michelle Nelson-Schmidt agreed to donate 300 free books as well as a week of book signing events in New Jersey!  The Reading Council of Southern New Jersey would then distribute the Usborne book donations that were generated, to the schools in need. 

When Little Hands Connected heard about this amazing team effort, we were instantly on board and were working to find creative ways and events to generate money to buy books that would be matched by additional free book donations!!!  Here's what we did!...

A Book Signing Pajama Party and "Bake for Books" Sale:
When Little Hands heard about the "Restore Our Shore" effort, we started to do our research and learn more about Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.  We were instantly taken with her inspirational story and reached out to her to see if she would be interested in coming to  Linden Avenue School for a special "Restore Our Shore" Book Signing Pajama Party and "Bake for Books" sale that we designed specifically for her visit!  She loved the idea and the mission of Little Hands Connected, so although she had an extremely busy week planned, she agreed to come!  Thank you to Linden Avenue School and to everyone who helped to make this event such a success!  This pajama party event raised $2818.35 in book donations!!! Great Job Team!!!

Book Sale:
LHC contacted the Little Gym of Montclair who has been a great support and asked them if they would be willing to let two of our members hold a book sale for Hurricane Relief ... they happily agreed!  Alicia Harrisons children, Little Hands Connected members, Sophie-5, and Blake-3 (featured below) held an Usborne Book Sale and sold an amazing $700 worth of books in 3 days!!! Those book sales were matched by Usborne books with $700 worth of free donations to the shore schools! Great Job Sophie & Blake!!!

Reuse, Recycle, Restore Our Shore:
Little Hands Connected assisted Alicia with her "Reuse, Recycle, Restore Our Shore"  Garage Sale mission idea. Local friends donated items that they no longer needed to be sold at this "pay what you wish" sale.  The items sold generated approximately $400 in sales, and that money was used to purchase books for the schools in South Jersey, then those books were matched by an additional $400 in FREE books, donated by Usborne, totalling $800 in book donations!   Thank you to everyone who helped make this awesome mission idea a success!

Hurricane Relief                   

Little Hands Connected Team members joined hands to load and deliver 2 cars filled with donations for Hurricane Sandy Victims in Union Beach. This Hurricane Relief mission truly captures the spirit of working together toward a common goal, and it is a beautiful example of how if everyone does a little, as a team, we can do a lot!  Here is how we made this mission possible...

LHC members Claire and Aaron collected donations from the 31 homes that they had delivered letters to in Glen Ridge.  Meanwhile, members Kaitlyn and Olivia were working together on their street collection in Bloomfield!  Finally, Ollie & Abby created a collection drop box to assist with the Hurricane Relief efforts, gathering diapers, batteries, and other needed items.  On Friday, Ollie, Abby, Kieran, and Kathleen teamed up to load and unload the grocery bags gathered by all of the team members mentioned, filling 2 cars with donations!  We then drove those donations to Union Beach, an area in South Jersey that was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Sandy... an area that is still in serious need of every donation they receive.

We want to thank all of the "Little Hands" that made this mission possible.  Without everyone doing their part, this mission would not have been such a success.  You all did a wonderful job and should feel extremely proud!  You are helping others and are making a difference!
consider joining our Hurricane Sandy Relief mission by sending an email to  We will help you create a collection location in your neighborhood! 

Toni's Kitchen Holiday Volunteering

"Dream Team" - Caitlyn-11, Madison-12, Tyler-14, and Alyssa-19
joined Little Hands Connected and volunteered on December 23rd at Toni's Kitchen.  They served food, put up decorations, and brought holiday joy and happiness to others in need!